Collective Growth in Latin America

Collaborative practice in the Latin American wine industry was the focus of an international visit to Argentina and Chile by academics from the project in December 2019. Dr Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues, the Co-Growth project lead, and Dr Juan Rendon Sanchez,  presented research findings and best practices in collaboration to industry bodies, vineyards and universities across the Latin American regions. Dr Sanchez Rodrigues and Dr Rendon Sanchez met with faculty from the University of Cuyo (Universidad NacionalContinue reading “Collective Growth in Latin America”

Visit to East Anglia Brewing Co-operative

The East Anglian Brewing Co-operative (EABCo) has been identified as the only operating co-operative (limited company) within the UK brewing sector. It was established in 2005 to meet the business requirements of micro-breweries. Such initiatives included: centralised procurement, local malt development, government grant application, pricing agreements between members, sales & marketing. The inspiration and founder,Continue reading “Visit to East Anglia Brewing Co-operative”