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Academics lead growth workshop with welsh drinks sector – December 2016

Read more about our workshop in 2016 which brought together representatives from the Welsh drinks sector to share best practice, discuss collective challenges and consider ways in which to address them.

High hops for Welsh drinks sector – September 2018

Read more about our project scoping workshop, run in collaboration with WRAP Cymru, which brought together representatives from five Welsh breweries ,  BIC Innovation and the Welsh Drinks Cluster to share their experiences of collaboration and how the challenges and risks associated with collaboration might be addressed.

Co-operative clusters brew across Wales – January 2019

Read more about our series of focus groups at Rhymney, Felinfoel and Purple Moose breweries which considered what it would take to form collaborative clusters in the Welsh beer sector.

Collective growth in Latin America – December 2019

Read more about our visits to Argentina and Chile to gain a greater understanding of international collaboration practices.

Business training for Welsh breweries – June 2020

Read more about the launch of our free online training programme for Welsh breweries to support them during the Covid-19 crisis and forward to the future.

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